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Welcome to Engels Machining LLC

We specialize in engineering and manufacturing various customized parts.  Our products have been used in everything from trumpets to the space shuttle.  Some of the parts produced are:  stainless pins, threaded inserts, threaded rods, spacers, cable terminals, washers, nuts, anchors, adaptors, rivets, knobs, bushings, connectors, shafts, sleeves, nuts, collars, covers, bosses, bolts, studs, fittings, plunger housings, gear hubs, stems, plugs, and bearings.

Engels Machining is also a manufacturer of metal INSERTS in the thermoplastic injection molding/rubber molding and post assembly markets.  Inserts may be made out of brass, steel, aluminum, stainless steel, or other metals.  They may have internal and/or external threads.  We also produce special designed inserts that may not have threads, such as hinge pins, knurled pins, and pivot hinge pins.

Started in 1960 to manufacture components for the musical industry, thru various aquistions and mergers with the latest in 2004 forming Engels Machining.  Engels Machining doubled their capacity and space by  augmenting  the company's original slate of screw machines  by adding seven new Brown & Sharpe single spindle screw machines along with CNC and wire EDM equipment.  They added on a new warehouse and enjoy a completely air-conditioned manufacturing facility.  Our machining capabilities include Brown & Sharpe single spindle screw machines with capacity up to 1-1/2", and CNC up to 1-5/8" diameters.  In additon, our CNC wire EDM allows us to tool up your solutions the same day versus the 1-2 week tooling lead time typical of our industry. 

Engels Machining LLC is committed to setting the standards for the ever-changing machining industry by working with their customers to create the turned part they need at the lowest cost.  We are small enough to customize your part, but large enough to do it in quantity. 





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