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Key Benefits of Using Our Engineering Experience

  • Bob Cad 19
  • Alibre
  • Servo Cam

Our Key Capabilities in this area

We have a variety of Cad and Cam Software Including the latest in parametric Solid Modeling.  We also do full 2D and 3D Kinematics Analysis and Animation of Assemblies.  We sometimes are just big enough for some of our customers to downsize or outsource this part of design.  While we do not have a complete or large engineering staff, we can do project management for small and medium related projects.

Design are fully tested
Drawing are provided in formats required.
Proto-typing of designs in-house
We are able to make all designs on our wide and complete line of equipment as necessary.

Reference Some of our Sample Engineering Projects from the past

Below are some of our more difficult parts and projects completed in-house.

Complete Re-Design of "Bush" 2 and 3 Belt Glass Seamers
While still supporting the old OEM Components and building the original design, this product line purchased in the Summer of 05, we are developing a new line with the same reputation for quality and durability of the original line.  But, with all the advances in the last 30 years, it was time to update this workhorse of the Glass Industry and prepare to compete on a new global world-class level.
Plastic Mold Custom Inserts
When the standard inserts will not fit or function adequately for the application - we custom design and produce the required quantities - no qty to small.
New Components for OEMs and Cost Saving
We help our existing and prospective customer with their own in-house product design and quoting, providing proto-types and samples to assist them in acquiring new business.